Hi! I'm Molly Brawer. 

As a health coach, I believe that the road to reaching our goals 
should be full of both empowering
 and pleasurable experiences.

Traveling with care, rather than battling to win, 
we arrive at our destination renewed and inspired, 
equipped with the knowledge, mindset and skills
allowing us to stay.

The journey may not be simple or direct,
yet it does not require the s
truggle or discomfort 
we are often told.

Instead, like the mindset that leads to happy travels,
what it takes is an attempt to be honest and open; 
and the desire, willingness, and readiness to change. 

To discover how and why health coaching works,
and what working with me would be like, 

Or if you have any questions,
simply leave your name and email HERE,
and I will personally get back to you as soon as I can.

Salud! To your health!




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